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Detailed creative designs.

Futuristic technology. Advanced problem solving and production. Community driven. collaborative pursuit of progress. Devoted to curiosity.

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Novum is a business led by students from Foothill Technology High School. Our aim is to use ingenuity and innovation to help the community. We are a group of highly motivated and passionate students who aspire to advance the world using the cutting-edge technology in our lab. With our diversity of abilities, we are capable of constructing top tier products for our customers. 

limitless innovation

limitless innivation


We are also continually keeping up with the fast paced development of the technological world. 


Each person is qualified and driven to create complex designs and superior products for our customers.


The products we make are limited only by our imagination. 


Serving our community is the utmost importance. We observe deficits and invent.

advance Technology

advance Technology


Every student has mastered multiple machines over the years in the Design-Technology Academy. We have developed many specialized skills within the field of technology and entrepreneurship. 


We commit to serving our customers  honesty and professionalism. Everything that we make will be produced under the high standards we demand.

D-Tech academy

DTech (design, technology, entrepreneurship) Incorporated is a "pathway" program at Foothill Technology High School in Ventura, California that specializes in design, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to transform students into designers with the skills to produce quality products and sell them on and off campus.

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